Exceptional leaders appear once in a lifetime. Leaders do more than photo-ops or dancing around issues that need immediate attention. It is stories from people that reflect in policies. Leaders do not choose what issues to handle, rather leaders will reach out to consult different parties to solve the issue at hand. So, whether it deals with racism, sexism, homelessness or otherwise. Exceptional leaders find multiple ways to mitigate.

On February 6th at 5:30-7:30 pm at the Curley room at the Boston City Hall is a night where the baton gets passed from exceptional leaders in our community to remarkable black leaders in our society. We’ve seen or even benefited from the work they do. It helps with all levels of society, assimilating the community into a melting pot. Working with opponents to find a common ground is a skill they have mastered. As these skills gets transferred, it is imperative to understand it will not happen overnight. Passing these skills to Howard Rye Institute fellows is an asset which will be used to uplift the black community out of the predicament which we have faced.

Let us learn from their humble ways. Let us learn how to advocate for our fellow citizens, by doing so we are ensuring that our communities have the longevity which is needed to produce prominent leaders that will keep our fire burning.