Massachusetts Citizens’ Congress on Poverty

Ordinary people working together to end poverty.

Why a Citizens Congress on Poverty?

Are you drowning in debt? Having trouble making your check last a month? Going to bed hungry? Can’t find an affordable apartment? Working 2 or more jobs to make ends meet? You are not alone.

64% of Massachusetts households have below-average incomes. Out of 50 states, Massachusetts ranks 48 in income inequality. 27 states do a better job supplying affordable rentals.

Working people do not have a chance. We formed the Massachusetts Citizens Congress on Poverty (MCCP) to work together across issues to better our lives.

Our Focus

We are our own best advocates.  We understand what we face daily: uncertainty, stress, fear and even humiliation. Through MCCP:

  • We will unite our voices for power and change.
  • We will get the skills to effectively make demands
  • We will challenge policy and policy makers to change systems and laws for equity and justice.
  • We will build bridges and develop meaningful relationships that will change our lives.

MCCP wants us to build community of people who will support each other and say ENOUGH!

How We Work

We are a growing membership organization of low-income people.

Our community will work, learn, eat, share and help one another. Every member will register to vote, help plan and execute a campaign to advocate for new systems, laws, and policies.

  • We are building community:
  • Movie nights to entertain and educate
  • Community meals to share experiences
  • Skill workshops to get the expertise you need to make change
  • Meetings with the State legislative Anti-Poverty Caucus to make them listen to your demands
  • Events to get out the vote to ensure our voices are heard
  • Teach-ins and meetings to deepen our understanding of the issues that adversely impact us
  • Service days to assist you in obtaining the services and support you deserve

Join our Movement

Well-meaning social workers, advocates, legislators, lobbyists and union reps, should not be leading the charge to change systems and laws that prevent us from barely living from check to check.

We have the passion and knowledge to change the system that keeps us struggling.

How? Become a member.

  1. Join with us for service days to provide support and information.
  2. Check out our events.

And join our movement.

About UMN 

UMN, founded in 2002 by people of African descent, ensures that grassroots leaders of color can effectively organize to address the threats to civil liberties and to end discriminatory policies and practices that limit access to our political, economic and social power.

Many of you have worked with us on CORI reform, saving affirmative action, demanding a humane state budget., among others.  Many have attended our trainings.

We have received local, national and international recognition for our many campaigns, including a call from the Obama White House.

UMN “is rewriting the rules of black politics in Massachusetts, mobilizing some of the state’s poorest citizens to push for their share of the pie. They work for equity, not just equality.”
— Boston Magazine