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A multi-issue organization, our work is constituent driven and our programs are interrelated. Participants in our trainings have become active in their communities as emerging leaders.  Members of our coalitions attend trainings.  We are organizers, building coalitions and movements.


The goals of civic renewal are straightforward: to strengthen the institutions that help form the knowledge, skills, and virtues citizens need for active engagement in civic life; to remove the impediments to civic engagement wherever they exist; and to multiply the arenas for meaningful and effective civic action. Our civic ills are formidable.

Benjamin R. Barber
The Search for Civil Society

The voices of poor people of color are muted in civic life. Without knowledge of the systems at play, communities of color are unprepared to confront policies that adversely affect their communities. UMN has several leadership training programs to develop skilled organizers, advocates and new leaders and to increase the engagement of Black and Brown community in the political system. We are creating a training-to-organizing pipeline by incorporating participants from our Institutes into our campaigns.

The Facts…

  1. In Massachusetts, Blacks are 7.1% of the population and 26.4% of incarcerated adults.  Latinos are 8.8% of the population and 26.2% of incarcerated adults

  2. In Massachusetts, Blacks and Latinos are 15.9% of the population.  Only 5% of state senators and representatives are Black or Latino and 0% of congressmen.

  3. In Boston, 68.8% of white students graduate high school, only 54.2% of blacks and 51% of Latinos do.  10% of white adults above age 25 do not have a high school diploma or GED in comparison to 24% of black adults above age 25.

  4. Boston’s unemployment rate for Black men is 42%.

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