Boston Community School

The Boston Community School is a unique experience. The Boston Community School is a community gathering place where information is disseminated and shared. It’s a place to gather, a place where the potential of community is built. It brings people of color of all ages and walks of life together to share and debate ones point of view. it’s a place where critical thinking happens. The Boston Community School is lectures from some of the best minds anywhere, seminars, presentations; and film screenings on…education, health care, affordable housing, technology, employment, community development, and more.

The Boston Community School is a place where those with a passion for social justice can come and hone their skills. The Boston Community School inspire a new generation of educated skilled activists, skillfully negotiating the complicated process of change. And some folks come simply because they want to learn how to make neighborhoods better.

The class costs 10 dollars to attend. However, if you are unable to pay 10 dollars, we ask that you give whatever you can. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. If you are interested in attending a class, make sure to fill out the google form to sign up.

For more information contact: Horace Small at