Advocacy & Organizing


UMN “is rewriting the rules of black politics in Massachusetts, mobilizing some of the state’s poorest citizens to push for their share of the pie.  They work for equity, not just equality.”

Boston Magazine



  • Campaign for Neighborhood Leadership (CNL): training and engaging people of color to be skilled activists.

Through knowledge: understanding how systems work and the negative impact they have on our lives and neighborhoods.

Through skill: developing a cadre of new leaders who understand how to effectively change systems.

Through activities: engaging needs residents, at all levels, to step up and take responsibility for their neighborhood.


Collaborating with universities, nonprofits and media we will get our message out – that civic engagement is alive and well in neighborhoods of color.


  • Dental Care for All: providing care for the uninsured through the development of dental therapists that will improve oral health care for the most vulnerable populations across Massachusetts.


  • Gun divestment: divesting municipal pension funds in Boston and Cambridge from gun manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Anti-Poverty Campaign: building a state-wide response to issues of poverty.