Black Ballot Power


Black Ballot Power

Black Ballot Power (BBP) supporting community organizers and activists to get out the Black vote nationally, through an interactive website and organizers on the ground in swing states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


Fact: Trump won the electoral college vote by a narrow margin in 6 states

Fact: The 2012 Black turnout in 3 states would have swung the 2016 election

Voter turnout in 2016 v. 2012

State Black turnout White turnout Lost by Black Votes Down by Electoral college votes
Michigan -12.4% -2.6% 10,704 -11,000 16
Pennsylvania -2.1% +5.2% 44,000 -39,000 20
Wisconsin -12.3% -1.6% 22,548 -88,000 10